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“Peace be with you! As the Father sent me, so am I sending you.” (John 20:21)

The Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network is a service that seeks to distribute the Pope’s monthly prayer intentions to the...

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February is often called the “month of love” and is designated such because of the feast of Saint Valentine, popularly called “Valentine’s Day.”

Unfortunately, the holiday has become associated not...

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As we begin this month, let us unite together spiritually and pray in a special way for the Pope’s monthly intentions.

During February we pray, “That all those who are afflicted, especially the...

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The Pope has released his 14th prayer intention video. Titled “Welcome the Needy,” the video illustrates Francisprayer intention for people who are abandoned or in vulnerable situations.


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“He has sent me to bring glad tidings to the lowly, to heal the brokenhearted.” (Isai-ah 61:1)

Jesus daily invites us into his mission of compassion towards the world and this, again, can be a...

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“Take, O Lord, and receive all my liberty, my memory, my understanding, and my entire will, all that I have and possess. You have given all to me, to you O Lord I re-turn it. All is yours, dispose...

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As we continue to pray this month for Christian Unity, especially in regard to work-ing together to meet the many challenges facing humanity, it is appropriate to meditate on the figure of Saint...

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The January 2017 release of The Pope Video marks the beginning of a second series of monthly videos on the Church’s mission and the challenges facing humanity. The Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network...

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As we start the New Year on this “World Day of Prayer”, let us unite together spiritually and pray in a special way for the Pope’s monthly intentions.

During January we pray, “That all Christians...

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“...And we will come to him and make our dwelling with him.” (John 14:23)

As we draw even closer to the glorious celebration of Christmas, we are again reminded of how God wants to dwell with us,...

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