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Social Networks

Social networks are a powerful reality of the modern evangelical landscape and can serve as powerful engines to drive efforts to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ as well as the prayer inten-tions of the Holy Father.

Since the very establishment of the Church of Jesus Christ on earth, technology has been used to share the Gospels. Word of mouth was the initial mechanism, but soon pen and ink were em-ployed to record the holy words and actions of Jesus. That was the technology of the day. Bishop Robert Barron points out often how St. Paul used technology of the day in ships, letters, and the Roman Roads to evangelize.

The Guttenburg Bible was a massive leap in the use of technology to provide the word of God across Europe. St. Maximillian Kolbe and the Venerable Fulton Sheen have used modern tech-nology to share the message of Salvation of Sin in Jesus Christ. More recently Mother Angeli-ca’s EWTN network has been a powerful tool worldwide in the same vein.

In the modern world, we find immense opportunities to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ using platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and standard webpages to network across boundaries previously much more challenging to overcome. We can send a message to India today which would have taken weeks or months to arrive in previous ages. The Church has been making great use of technology across its history and today is no different.

Our “Pope Video” and “Click To Pray” app are our contribution to the social media conversa-tion. Thanks be to God for our benefactors who allow us to bring these services to so many souls who wish to pray with the Holy Father about the challenges facing humanity.

- Fr. William Blazek, SJRegional Director
Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network (USA & Canada)

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