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Sharing the beauty of our Christian life

This July, the Holy Father has asked us to pray for our neighbours who have lost sight of the beauty of the Christian life. This month’s intention has prompted me to contemplate on this beauty, and to be more grateful in prayer for this gift.

A life of faith grounded in Jesus Christ, is a life grounded in hope and an unconditional relationship of love. It allows for depth in relation to all things. It allows us to discern, in light of this hope and love. It penetrates our relationships with family, friends and the poor, and ultimately shapes our values and identity.

This month’s intention starts with knowing the beauty of our own Christian life.

The intention to reach those outside our praying community, is a plead to the Holy Spirit to enter their lives. Through our own witness to the Gospel, we make ourselves available as instruments of the Spirit, and the Church, to enter the lives of those who we encounter. In order to be a witness, one must be clear and familiar with their own living faith, at the centre of which is a relationship with Jesus Christ.

This intention is also an invitation from the Holy Father to feature the Church as a home for all. The love of God was for all his people. Salvation is not for individuals, but rather for the community, God’s collective creation. God is alive in us, but also enters the dynamic of our relationships and experiences.

The prospect of a more inclusive church, one that reaches out to those who have strayed, rather than wait for them to find their way back; and a church that opens doors for all to experience the beauty of a life grounded in hope and love, is one that I am excited to be a part of this month of July.

- Patrick Furlong
Ignatian Formation Coordinator
The Cardoner Project
The Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network (Australia)

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