Making a choice between what is comfortable, and what is right

This month, the Holy Father has invited us to pray with him on an issue that we find hard to imagine within the comforts of Australian borders. 

By international standards, the impact of black market arms trade is minimal on everyday Australian lives, and our national economy does not substantially contribute to the international arms trade. 

When we share the Eucharist, we renew our faith and commitment to the church. We become enriched by a community that strives to love our neighbours and the world more fully and freely. This is within a material culture that equates money, with happiness. It is a culture that is being increasingly shaped by capitalist greed.

Pope Francis condemns the arms trade, as the 'industry of death'. An industry that exists to make a profit at the expense of increased violence, human suffering and death.

When we ask that national leaders take a stand against the arms trade, we are asking them to make a very important choice. Between the economic prosperity of the industries involved, and a chance at reducing the severity of political and social conflict overseas. 

Suddenly, the monthly intention for June is all too relevant for Australian Catholics. We live in a country with endless products and services available to us. It is normal for my everyday to consist of choices that only consider myself.

When we join the Holy Father in prayer this month, I believe he is also challenging us to consider our choice, between the comforts of materialism, and the needs of our neighbours. He is challenging us to go against the capitalist ideal that we can and should buy our happiness; and rather that the truth is found in love of the poor. Just like national leaders, we must make a choice between what is comfortable, and what is right.

- Patrick Furlong
Formations Coordinator
The Cardoner Project
The Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network (Australia)

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