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Imitating the compassionate gaze of God

At times it is difficult to create within our soul compassion for men and women in distant lands. We can also grow numb to the stories of war and terrorism, as it happens so frequently. How can we revive our hearts grown cold?

Saint Ignatius Loyola offers the perfect advice in his Spiritual Exercises. He writes, “Contemplate how the Three Divine Persons were looking upon the whole extent and space of the earth, filled with human beings. (102) […] The first Point is, to see the various persons: and first those on the surface of the earth, in such variety, in dress as in actions: some white and others black; some in peace and others in war; some weeping and others laughing; some well, others ill; some being born and others dying, etc. (106)”

In this way, we put ourselves in the lens of God’s eyes and see with his heart. We are invited to make our own the Father’s loving gaze upon humanity and to act with the Heart of Jesus Christ.

When we hear of the Pope’s monthly intention, let us strive to imitate the compassionate gaze of God. By doing so our heart will not grow cold, but will ache for all humanity. We will see how much God loves his children and desires their good. Indeed, we are all his sons and daughters and he looks upon us as a loving Father, ready and willing to help us in our need.

- Philip Kosloski
Writer and Content Manager
The Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network (USA)

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