How to make good habits that will change yourself and the world in 2018

As we begin a new year, there is an innate impulse within us that wants to make this year different. We want our life to be visibly changed in different ways, to be more charitable, to serve the poor or even to pray more often.

However, our zeal often wanes in the first few weeks of January and by February we have lost any vigor. What should we do?

A central key to our success, whether it is being more faithful to prayer or serving the poor of our local community, is making our resolution a habit.

We all have daily habits, such as brushing our teeth. We don’t need to think about habits, they simply “happen.” Habits are so ingrained into our daily schedule that if we disrupt a habit, we feel like something is missing.
The most important part of establishing new habits, such as more time for prayer or serving the community, is to be intentional about it. We can’t say to ourselves that we will pray every day and then expect it to happen. We need to be deliberate and make it a priority, putting pen to paper.

We need to look at our daily schedule each week and think about our priorities and schedule those in first. If prayer is a priority, we will make specific times that we will pray, making sure nothing else supersedes it.
The new year is a great opportunity to grow in our love of God and neighbor. Let’s “seize the day” by being intentional about our new habits and making them a priority in our daily schedule.

Philip KosloskiWriter and Content Manager
Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network (USA)

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