Each year around Christmas time we look forward to the New Year in hopeful expectation. What will happen in the new year? Will it be better than last year? Often we decide to take on a new "resolution" to correct an area of our lives that needs some work. It could be eating better, exercising more or simply spending more time with family. Have we made a spiritual resolution as well?

As in all things in the spiritual life, we must look to Jesus to understand how to live an ordered life that deepens our love of God. Jesus, being a faithful Jew, would have followed the customs at the time and lived out the many traditions of the Jewish people. One of these traditions is the schedule of prayer that the Jews developed over time.

In particular, the Jewish people tried to fashion their daily prayer life to reflect the traditions of the Patriarchs, such as King David. In the Psalms David proclaims: "Evening and morning, and at noon I will speak and declare: and he shall hear my voice." (Psalm 54:18 [55:17])

Over time the Jewish people began a tradition of praying three times a day: in the morning, afternoon and evening. Jesus’ apostles followed this tradition as well and Christian communities maintained it in the first few centuries of Christianity.

This is a great way to increase our intimacy with God on a daily basis. One tool to keep us ac-countable with this New Year’s resolution is the Click to Pray app. Through it we are reminded to pray at morning, afternoon and evening. If you are looking for a new way to draw closer to God in 2018, download the Click to Pray app and join your prayer with thousands of others in the world.

- Philip Kosloski
Writer and Content Manager
Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network (USA)

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