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God invites us to work together to establish peace on earth

It can often be depressing when we read the news each day. Stories of violence, kidnappings or terrorist attacks fill social media on a regular basis. As the third step of the “Way of the Heart” points out, “Life and love are often suffocated by violence and selfishness. The weak and vul-nerable are crushed by the boots of the powerful. Natural resources are depleted. There is too much sadness and loneliness.”

During times like these we might be tempted to throw up our arms and question God, asking, “Where are you? Why are you not responding to our prayers and petitions?”

We must remember that when we pray for these situations to be resolved, God is not a magician who waves a wand over the world to establish peace. He is a merciful Father who loves us and wants us to be co-workers with him. God desires that there is peace on earth, but he wants us to trust him, pray to him and ultimately imitate his example.

This is our mission and the mission of the Church here on earth. We must pray and work together so that God’s love can shine through us and in us. God can shatter the darkness of our world, repair what is broken, but we must cooperate with him and his mission. We are his instruments and it is our duty to let him work through us.

At times it may look like our prayers do nothing, but when this world passes away we will wit-ness how our prayers and actions held up the world and truly had an effect on others. Let us con-tinue to pray as well as work for peace in this world. We cannot do one and neglect the oth-er. God wants us to use our free-will for the good of all, recognizing the brokenness around us and doing what we can to repair it.

 Philip KosloskiWriter and Content Manager
Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network (USA & Canada)

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