Blog%20click%20to%20pray%20 %20english%20 %20making%20prayer%20a%20priority%20affects%20how%20we%20can%20serve%20others

Do you want to change the world? One of the most important activities to do, before going down to the local soup kitchen, is to pray.

Why is that?

It may seem counterintuitive, but the more time we...

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Blog%20click%20to%20pray%20 %20english%20 %20how%20to%20repair%20our%20throwaway%20culture

Each year on September 1 Christians around the world celebrate the “World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation.” It is a day to reflect on our stewardship of the world that God has given us and...

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Blog%20click%20to%20pray%20%20 %20english%20 %20prayer%20intention

The fastest growth in the 2000 year history of Christianity is happening now in Africa. In the year 1900 there were 9 million Christians in Africa. Now there are 500 million Christians out of 1.2...

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Official%20image%20 %20the%20pope%20video%209%202018%20 %20young%20people%20in%20africa%20 %201%20english

The Holy Father urged that education and employment be guaranteed for African youth. This was his message in the September edition of The Pope Video, a project of The Pope’s Worldwide Prayer...

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Blog%20click%20to%20pray%20%20 %20english%20 %20spiritual%20devotion

I wish to raise the question and challenge of how does one “grow in devotion”? Does it mean simply more rosaries, more time in Church, or more saints that we ask to intercede for us?

All of this...

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Blog%20click%20to%20pray%20 %20english%20 %20how%20married%20couples%20can%20learn%20from%20god

When speaking to engaged couples in 2014, Pope Francis urged them to found their relationship on the rock of a love that endures the test of time and to pray to God to strengthen that bond.

"In the...

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Blog%20click%20to%20pray%20 %20english%20 %20god%20invite%20us%20to%20work%20with%20him

It can often be depressing when we read the news each day. Stories of violence, kidnappings or terrorist attacks fill social media on a regular basis. As the third step of the “Way of the Heart”...

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Blog%20click%20to%20pray%20 %20english%20 %20prayer%20intention

The focus on the August prayer intention reflects Pope Francis’ guiding insight, expressed often in Laudato Si’, that “everything is connected.” The “micro” community of the family and “mac-ro”...

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Official%20image%20 %20the%20pope%20video%208%202018%20 %20the%20treasure%20of%20families%20 %201%20english

The Holy Father, through the latest installment of The Pope Video, called attention to some of the challenges that threaten families today, and emphasized the need to protect them. The video...

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Blog%20click%20to%20pray%20 %20english%20 %20we%20are%20not%20made%20to%20be%20alone

Several studies have, in recent years, revealed that loneliness is an increasing problem in our advanced cultures, even described as a “silent epidemic”. We are more connected, digitally, than ever...

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