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Teresa Gregson

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Fruitful Pilgrimage

May our pilgrimage bring forth many fruits this year. Help us to see and grow with you Lord.

2021/09/11 16:39:03
Philip Wing Kwok Chan 🙏🏻Amen

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Healing for brother

Asking for prayers for my brother Robert. He has unexplainable high blood pressure. Medicines are not working and diagnosis is eluding doctors. May God enlighten the doctor tomorrow and help my brother name the problem.

2021/08/29 23:20:03
angie 🙏
Sunny Reyes 🙏

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Lord forgive us for the times we are quick to speak and slow to listen. Help us to reflect on our day and begin anew the next day.

2021/08/16 22:15:36
shamrock I need to learn this 🙏🌹🙏

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ALIGHT Unto Their Feet

Lord, Guide Your children with a bright light. Protect them from temptation and help them to know they are loved.

2021/08/13 20:24:17

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Family Around the Dinner Table

Thank you Lord for when we can get together, unplug, and share a good meal as a family.

2021/08/04 20:58:39
AP Thanks be to God for families

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Thank you God for calling my sons back to church.

2021/08/01 20:58:41
AP Amen. Praying for you and your family
Neptunestridentrex awesome!

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Love in Communication

Lord, Help my sons communicate with each other in a more loving way. Teach them temperance. Remind them of their friendship and encourage a spirit of forgiveness.

2021/07/31 21:12:18
angie 🙏🙏
AP Amen. Praying for you and your family and sons

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Holy Spirit, Please give courage and wisdom to caregivers of those who have the delta covid. Especially help Ann L. accept help and healing medications as she battles the virus. Lead all those who need the vaccine to get it soon.

2021/07/29 21:20:22
angie 🙏

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For those who speak out of anger

Lord, Guard our words when we are angry. Help those who speak hatred, repent and those who are the target of the words be able to forgive.

2021/07/26 22:04:41
Sunny Reyes 🙏🌄🙏
shamrock 🙏🌹🙏

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Choose God

Lord, Please forgive my sons for choosing the things and events of this world over you.

2021/07/25 09:36:58

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