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Aletha Gerritsen - van der Donck

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Help me forgive

Please help me forgive the other for having been selfish, putting his own needs and longings before the needs of a child. And help me to forgive myself for not having been able to stand up for this child. Please God help me to get stronger every day.

2020/09/27 18:19:05

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please forgive us for being selfish and hard hearted. help us try to see and meet You in every person we meet. help us remember that all that we do for those who need us, we do it for You dear Lord, Father in heaven

2020/09/27 18:06:33
Donna Lehman A big Amen!

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for my daughter and family

Please please let us be full of mercy, love and patience towards her always. Please help us to not forget to forgive 7 times 70 times. please help us to see her pain and needs instead of worrying about ourselves. please grant us wisdom to cope with the difficulties we face every day.

2020/09/26 23:08:18

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