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Beatriz Ramos

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Again for Dora

Heavenly Father and sisters/brothers if the Pope’s Network! Again I ask my cousin who has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Please she needs lots of prayers.

2021/07/31 21:01:43
angie 🙏
AP Praying for you and your family Beatriz, especially for Dora! Amen

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Today Almighty God and Family I ask fir my cousin Dora. She has a biopsy to be done on her breast. Please let it be benign. Ask all who suffer from cancer. Heal them Oh powerful Supreme Doctor /Healer. We trust in You! Give us your Divine Mercy🙏🙏🙌🏼🙌🏼❤️❤️

2021/07/23 02:49:08
AP Amen! Sending my prayers

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Gracias por Ofelia

Doy gracias a Nuestro Señor que mi amiga Ofelia ya está fuera de peligro pronto comenzará rehabilitación. Gracias por sus oraciones🙏🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

2021/07/09 15:50:43

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Padre eterno, Sigo pidiendo por Justiniano y más que todo por su familia en el nombre de Tu Hijo, Jesús. Amén

2021/07/04 02:48:50

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Padre te sigo pidiendo por mi amiga, Ofelia. Tú sabes lo que necesita. Te pido por su familia también. Todo en el nombre de tu hijo, Jesús. Amen

2021/07/04 02:46:34

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O Great Healer, God of Mercy I beg for your healing of Justiniano, Ofelia and Irma. They and their families need strength, perseverance and forgiveness. Please hear our cries for them I also ask you for Joe. Forgive his sins and welcome him into your arms, in Jesus’ Holy, Loving name😘

2021/07/02 03:47:37
Philip Wing Kwok Chan 🙏🏻Amen
AP Amen

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Señor Misericordioso y Sanador🙏 Pongo en tus manos a Justiniano, Ofelia, e Irma para que los sanes o les perdones sus errores y pecados. Dales fuerza y compassion a sus familiares. Cada uno tiene mucha necesidad ti igual que sus familiares. Te pido el perdón y descanso de Joe y descanse en pa...

2021/07/02 03:42:26

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Family return to the Catholic faith

Heavenly Father, I beg that my son return to the Eucharist, to the Christian Roman Catholic faith. Though I don’t know what has caused his separation from it, I hope that he search his heart to seek out the Eucharist. Help me Father to understand. Amén🙏

2021/06/29 03:38:02

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Bendito Sagrado Corazón

Bendito Sagrado Corazón llena a l humanidad de TU gran AMOR y MISERICORDIA. Solo Tú gran AMOR nos da esperanza y puede salvar. Que los nuevos matrimonios brindan al mundo el amor de familia llena de fe, esperanza, honestidad, paciencia, tolerancia.Que destruyan los ángeles al enemigo em Tú nombr...

2021/06/12 02:47:36

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Sacred Heart

O Blessed Sacred Heart, we beg you to fill humanity with LOVE and Divine Mercy. Your endless Love is our only hope. May the love of the new couples overflow to the whole world bringing faith,hope, charity, kindness, tolerance and unity. Let us remember that we are one in Jesus Christ, the vine. 🙏

2021/06/12 01:57:33

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