2021/02/25 02:33:09
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Evangelho Mateus 7, 7-12

A bondade de Deus Palavra da Salvação Glória a Vós, Senhor

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2021/02/25 02:21:23
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per gli uomini

Signore Gesù Cristo Figlio di Dio e fratello mio Ti prego aiutami ed aiuta e proteggi e sta vicino a Ezio Fadalti. Grazie. Amen.

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2021/02/25 02:08:09
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pray when I go back to work I have peace

Pray my lord angels and my lord is with me and my coworker no weapon formed against shell prosper. That the enemies at work all the haters and my manger that lied about us that our lord handles them let it be gods will be done amen most of all please pray they remove Jerry thank u all I appreciate u

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2021/02/25 01:59:00
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Hole-e Prayer

A prayer to help communicate in many ways.Understanding and excepting differences without hurt,a way to belong with love and truth,guidance in the right direction together, this is a prayer for a prayer that may have some holes in it... but non the less just as strong!! Amen

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2021/02/25 01:56:48
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prayer for a lady name Monica

Prayer for Monica she has been married 25 years and her marriage is very bad now her and her husband are not getting along and fighting in front of there kids please pray they stop and they both try marriage therapy before divorce. Pray her husband wants to go together no more fights and gossip

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2021/02/25 01:52:35
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my babies


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2021/02/25 01:36:00
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Prayers for family

God please keep Tara,Troy,Joey,Brian,A,Lou, Lisa,Anna,Cindy,Terry,Ann,Rob,Bill,Michelle,Jeff, Alec,Julia, Haley and their families from evil, anxiety or depression. Let them know Your love is with them and let them live in peace, with no distress with good health and prosperity.

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2021/02/25 01:34:14
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Per M.e F.

Mio Signore resta con noi...io ho bisogno di Te. Tu che tutto puoi,abbi misericordia e volgi il Tuo sguardo misericordioso verso di loro. Amen

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2021/02/25 01:31:26
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Thank you

Thank you God for another day for Jorge. You truly gave him another day here with us. Please have mercy on him; take away any pain and worry he has and if it is your will, heal him from cancer. Thank you.

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2021/02/25 01:22:18
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Por la salud de mi abuelita

Dios tu que sabes mis tristezas y una es por mi abuelita que está hospitalizada y no puedo visitarla pero siento tanto todo lo que está viviendo padre yo se que tu tienes compasión con tus hijos ayúdala a salir con bien de ese hospital por favor cura todas sus enfermedades amen.

Rossy Lara Te lo pedimos señor 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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