2021/06/27 23:50:00
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Czech Republic

I assure my closeness to the populations of South-west of the Czech Republic struck by a strong hurricane. I pray for the departed and the injured and for those who have had to leave their seriously damaged homes.

clare probert my message be the peace, feel peace and correct sin
Devinder Hayre Use my other comments
Rosalina Vitales dear lord have mercy on the whole world amen
🇵🇭vergaraE 🙏🙏🙏
Mikewwright Beware of entertainment industry
Mikewwright we pray for all that have been through disasters know the Lord is with you and loves you
Cynthia Nesamani praying for my husband's diabetes to be in control Lord
Devinder Hayre And other help to community worldwide to connect to that fresh email to studios and send to it and up and it will rain down only on your home then send respect towards it and it will later rain all over but that’s god
Devinder Hayre Prayer no idolatry caring created for a great reason locally charity donations and always try and accept suffering with out touching others use media famous movie which I remembered for a like reason to your email to Warner brothers studios for a part in the sequel of that movie allow your charity

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