Cultivating an authentic relationship with God

July 10, 2020

Learning to pray is as necessary as it is difficult. We want to begin a journey with you to learn how to pray. However, not in a way that does results a mechanical repetition of learned sentences, a monologue that is contained within a specific period of time. We invite you to experience prayer differently, in which the prayer is a type of music that gives rhythm to your life, oxygen that you breathe, a meaningful relationship, and a peaceful encounter.

Prayer is above all an act of love, gratitude, and being present to the One who created you and loves you. Prayer is centered on letting oneself be looked at by the Lord and looking at him. It is an act of reciprocal surrender without asking for anything in return, without expecting anything, and just being with each other.

Do you know what happens when you let yourself be seen by the Lord? The best of yourself comes out because the Lord looks at us as we are, in our inner beauty and goodness, and that way of looking transforms us. This week I invite you to do the exercise of letting yourself be seen by the Lord and to seek that gaze. When you go to pray, do not worry about what you are going to say, forget about the words. Light a candle, place a rug, set up the place and have soft music to be there in silence with the Lord. Ask him to look at you and let yourself be seen by him. Seek his gaze, and discover how he looks at you. The Lord will be happy to meet you in prayer.

Bettina Raed (Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network – International Co-Coordinator of Click To Pray)

VikiCultivating an authentic relationship with God


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  • Benjamin Wright - July 12, 2020

    Thank you for this thoughtful message.

  • Kate Schussler - July 15, 2020

    You really hit the nail on the head. Being a cradle Catholic and having left the Church in my early twenties, all I have are the memorized prayers learned in childhood. I yearn and strive for a deeper prayer life. Thank you for your guidance. Please pray for me.

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