2021/07/18 12:50:00
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I am near to the dear Cuban people in these difficult moments, in particular to those families suffering the most. I pray that the Lord might help the nation construct a society that is more and more just and fraternal through peace, dialogue and solidarity. I urge all Cubans to entrust themselves to the maternal protection of the Virgin Mary of Charity of Cobre.

Brenda Harris St. John Paul,II; Pope Benedict,XVI; and Pope Francis have visited Cuba. None have offered these appeals in prayer to Our Father in the name of the Holy Trinity.
Brenda Harris God's reign is present there: universal: was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be past, present, future
Devinder Hayre Make Cuba a republic
Giuse Maria Laduonglam Amen
Giuse Maria Laduonglam Amen
Giuse Maria Laduonglam Amen
Junzards Perales 🇵🇭Ginoo, dungga among mga pag-ampo.🙏🙏🙏
89ofe Lord help Cuba have peace . May you reign in Cuba

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