2020/01/09 00:38:46
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Please pray for me to be less anxious. I am nervous almost all the time, even if I know there is no reason to worry. It is hard to look forward to the future

Margarita Bursina Prayers! Dear friend, i think you can help yourself to fight with anger. First is a prayer! Second try to understand what activities help you to calm down. In dark times i choose cycling. If i felt anger i use it. I could ride my bike for hours. So it helps me:). With prayers for you.
Beatriz Esquivel Ramos Faith! Believe! Know that God is with you! Those nerves are the enemy who is playing with your feelings. Have faith! Acknowledge God in and with you. Faith is the only answer. Amen
Esmeralda Prayers!🙏🏼

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