2019/08/11 18:03:11
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Losing faith

How bad can things get? I really feel overcharged with pain, sorrow and fear. What is this talking about '' I will not put more burden upon your shoulder than you can carr, ''... Blabla la?

colls 🙏🙏🙏
Zelia Teodoro Read Josué 1, 7-9. God bless you.
Theresa Have faith. Hope and trust the Lord. After night comes the day and there will be joy after the pain. You need to wait for the Lord.
tia_ God can give you peace instantly if you ask him , pray without ceasing, stay strong , I pray for you
AP Praying for you
RodlahStaffMaster I pray you find the faith I have after so many years of struggles. I pray Pedro can share his faith with you. 🙏
Maggms Email?
Pedro Leitão Please email me, i want to talk

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