Tips for your prayer

Breathing again and again. Are you aware of this breath that sustains you in life? We inhale and exhale and the air that enters our body goes through each of our cells. Our life depends on our breathing; it is essential. So also there is a breath from the heart: a deep breath of life, hardly perceptible and also essential. This simple and natural breath, like love, brings us into contact with the One who is the source of Life. From Whom everything comes and to Whom everything is directed. The person who loves is necessarily in communication with Him.

But to truly love is not simple: it requires going out of ourselves in favor of others, and we do not always succeed in doing so! And in those moments when loving is difficult for us, it is as if our heart is breathing hard. What can help us? Prayer.

Praying favors the breathing of our heart because it unites us to Him who is the source of Life, Who revealed Himself in Jesus Christ and unfolded in us our capacity to love. To pray is to love. It is opening our heart to Another. It is going out of ourselves. It is helping the breathing of our heart. That is why praying is so important.

And how to pray? Sometimes we can’t find our way. That is why in this section we want to help you in your personal prayer, through some advice inspired by the spiritual tradition of the Church and especially by the school of prayer bequeathed by St. Ignatius of Loyola in his Spiritual Exercises. 

Don’t be in a hurry, take them little by little, step by step. 

Good journey! Good prayer!

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