2020/07/26 23:00:00
1986 have prayed

Ceasefire concerning the Donbass area

I pray that what has been agreed will finally be put into practice, also through effective disarmament and mine clearance. This is the only way to rebuild confidence and lay the foundations for the reconciliation that is so necessary and so much awaited by the people.

AnnetteK Amen Holy Father ✝️🙏❤️
🇵🇭vergaraE 🕯🌿🙏🙏🙏🌍Amen
Grzegorz Molit Pokój dla Ukrainy racz dać Panie.
Alberto Gonzalez 🙏🏼Amen
Chukwuemeka Opara Amen
ekpele Lord, be merciful to all. Amen
Mkl 🔥We pray for peace and Gods intervention. All Glory be to God the Father, God the Son Jesus and God the Holy Spirit🙏🏼
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mossismydad Shut the fuck up god damn stop putting your religious shit every I’m so goddamn sick of this bullshit
Brendan D Amen. ✝️
Andy Andrew Nguyen dear holy father please pray for my grandma joy which she passed away Monday morning
Henry Martínez Amen 🙏🙏🙏
🇵🇭vergaraE 🕯🌿🙏Amen🌍

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Pope FrancisCeasefire concerning the Donbass area