The way you deal with your body says a lot about you. Your BODY disposes you to the different situations. When it is time to pray, it is important that you find that position of your body that favors the encounter with God and helps you to stay in him. It will be this position that moves you to dispose your heart in the direction of your Creator. Try the following: look for that position that you think is convenient, put your attention in breathing slowly and become aware of your body. Pay attention to your body with your imagination and closed eyes. When you perceive your own presence, you will help yourself to recognize the presence of an Other.

The body has an important role while we are praying: it is the place where God reveals himself and meet us. TRY TO FEEL YOUR BODY  is present while you pray, make it conscious and register what you discover. To be a truly disciple we need to live our faith intellectually but also in our body and affective life. When you pray meditating the Gospel, become yourself present to your body’s resonances, the feelings that wake up and the ideas you elaborate.


Take time to look for a BODY POSITION that helps you to be present, here and now, and little by little, wakes you up to the presence of the One who is waiting for you, the Lord. Without rushing, breathe and seek to be present in yourself, to awaken to the presence of an Other. If you take this time seriously, your prayer will be different: you will find easily God’s fountain in your heart. (Book A-Z of Prayer)


In Prayer, our BODY POSITION is important. There is not the same for all of us, nor the same for a person at all times; it depends on your history, the vital moment you are going through and the desire that you carry on when praying. Find the one that allows you to reach the balance you want. Try different postures and become aware of yourself to discover which one is best suited for your prayer moment. The correct one will allow you to make yourself easily present to God. (Book A-Z of Prayer).


Your body participates in your encounter with God. It is not necessary to stay like a statue while praying. Your POSITION can be adapted by the time you experience the Gospel of God and have an encounter with Him. Don’t be afraid of movement and modifying your posture. Try it and when you finish ask to yourself: What changes have I made? What has happened in my interior? Write down your answers for the next moment of prayer. (Book A-Z of Prayer).


To pray I go to a place where I will be quiet. There, I take the time to find an  AWAKE BODILY POSITION, a position that is oriented toward the One I seek, paying attention to the coming Lord. Like a sentinel, like a vigilant, all my senses are awake waiting the One who is coming.



To “move from head to heart,” we have to pay attention to our body position. Indeed, it is about finding a BODY POSITION  that helps me and allows me to find what I seek and desire.



Let these words resound in your heart: God, Who is the source of life, was revealed in a decisive way in one man: Jesus Christ. That is why THE BODY is the very place of God’s revelation and of the encounter with God.



The body at prayer I.
Ignatius of Loyola invites us to seek a body position that favors the encounter with the Lord. There is no BODY POSITION in itself that is appropriate for any moment and for everyone. It is not neutral, it depends on my history, on the desire I have; we have to constantly seek it.