In the final years of preparation before the year 2000, St. John Paul II addressed the Church in Africa in the document Ecclesia in Africa and urged them to remain rooted in hope amid such turmoil. “I exhort all God’s People in Africa to accept with open hearts the message of hope…Despite the mainly negative

In The Pope Video for May, Francis thanks the religious sisters, priests, laity, and missionaries for their work to create dialogue and reconciliation among the various sectors of African society. (Vatican City, May 2, 2019) – The Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network presents The Pope Video for the month of May, in which the Holy Father

Unfortunately, many of us live as if God was a tyrant who ruthlessly punishes those who sin. When faced with a sinful lifestyle, we have little reason to turn back to a tyrant and instead choose to live a life of despair. It can appear that God has abandoned us and that there is no