Let us first look at the Holy Family for inspirations. While the Holy Family may seem like an unreachable ideal for some, the circumstances faced by the Holy Family in life are more than relatable. Life got real very quickly for the Holy Family: Joseph had to leave his home country with his young family

In The Pope Video for August, the Holy Father asks that we take care of families and pray for them so they may become “schools of true human growth,” in which people can learn a life of prayer and love. (Vatican City, August 1, 2019) – In The Pope Video for the month of August,

This might seem obvious, but living in a fast-paced society, we can often miss our daily time for prayer. We may want to pray on a regular basis, but this desire will never be actualized until an intentional decision is made. Above all we need to make prayer a priority in our lives, carving out specific