This month we are praying that the gift Jesus promised us will spread over all the world. The Holy Father invites not only Christians to pray with us, but followers of other religions and all people of goodwill.  We are praying for peace as well as for justice. “Peace I leave with you, peace is

About 19 years ago I joined this beautiful family of the Eucharistic Youth Movement (EYM) and have experienced a deep friendship with Jesus that unites us through simple gestures like sitting at the same table and sharing bread with each other. This movement has taught me to encounter the risen Jesus and learn to foster a deeper friendship with him. Young

On one Sunday each Advent and Lent, the priest will come out of the sacristy wearing rose vestments and inevitably makes some sort of comment about how the color of his vestments should not be classified as “pink,” but rose.  Often the priest is somewhat embarrassed, especially when his parishioners give their pastor a hard time.