In The Pope Video for July, the Holy Father prays for the people who administer justice in the world, so that injustice may not have the last word. (Vatican City, July 4, 2019) – In The Pope Video for the month of July, Pope Francis asks all Catholics to pray for the magistrates, judges, and

One of the central aspects of our Daily Offering, is giving to God our work. It is meant to be a “sacrifice” to God, giving to him the best of who we are and what we do. In this way, it is important to reflect on the effort we give our daily work. It may

While living in a culture of immediacy, it may be difficult to sit down and read the Bible. It’s difficult to spend that deliberate time with God and instead want the entire Bible summarized in three short sentences. The Bible shouldn’t be viewed as just another “message” we are notified of in our lives.  We don’t blaze