When talking about the Eucharist, we talk about Jesus. He himself is called the “Bread of Life,” which nourishes, strengthens and sustains us. The Eucharist at Mass is a way to draw closer to Jesus, who strengthens us. But living our lives as a continuous “eucharist” is something else. It transcends the Mass. The Eucharist

The first step of the Way of the Heart focused on God’s initiative to communicate with us, in many different ways, his love for us. Even when our mind is away from God, when our frailty and our sin seem to push us away from him, we know by faith that God comes to dwell

In the final years of preparation before the year 2000, St. John Paul II addressed the Church in Africa in the document Ecclesia in Africa and urged them to remain rooted in hope amid such turmoil. “I exhort all God’s People in Africa to accept with open hearts the message of hope…Despite the mainly negative