Through sin we have turned away from the paths of God’s love and his mission for humanity. By doing so we often lose consciousness of our true identity as a child of God, seeking our own personal greatness above the interests of other people. Mary, on the other hand, glorifies the Lord’s activity in her

On February 14, many around the world celebrate St. Valentine’s Day, a day traditionally symbolized by a heart. It is a providential symbol, as it encourages us to seek out the Heart that loves us and brought us into existence. Saint John Paul II reminded us in his apostolic exhortation Familiaris Consortio of how God loved

Knock knock “Who’s there?” This is a familiar format for a children’s riddle. You knock, I ask, you reply. It’s based on a simple action– someone knocks on my door and I ask, “Who is it?” Is this a stranger? A friend? A criminal? Who is knocking? We’re right to be curious. And it’s ok