2021/03/14 12:35:00
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Beloved and tortured Syria

Ten years ago, the bloody conflict in Syria began that has caused one of the most serious humanitarian catastrophes. Let us #PrayTogether so that all the suffering experienced by beloved and tortured Syria might not be forgotten and so that our solidarity might revive their hope.

Henry Martínez May the Lord be with them
Junzards Perales 🇵🇭Ginoo, patalinghogi 'mi. Amen.🙏🙏🙏
Rosalina Vitales dear, god have mercy on us amen
🇵🇭vergaraE 🙏#PrayTogether with Pope Francis for Syria and people
Mikewwright Lord we pray for peace love and freedom.may the light of the lord shine on the world. Amen
Teresa Burns God of Life, bless the people Syria with healing, restoration, and hope. May the influential countries of the world reach out to them with aid and support.
Bharathy We pray for the people of Syria who have suffered tremendously that they would be healed and the nation restored to peace. We pray for international communities/organization work together for restoration of Syria. Lord Jesus may your grace and blessing be upon Syria. Amen.
Maria Mohan Our Lord, please bless and heal the wounded nation of Syria. Amen.

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Pope FrancisBeloved and tortured Syria