April 15, 2018
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Against an exclusionary economy: That economists may have the courage to reject any economy of exclusion and know how to open new paths.

Prayer:Good Father, you created this world
and gave it to your children
that they might live off its fruit
through the work of their hands and ingenuity.
Our common home
is the place where we begin to live already the happiness of Heaven,
as your children, brothers and sisters of one another.
But in this world there is so much discrimination,
so much exclusion, and few have what should be the possession of many.
United to the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network,
we offer our days, words and deeds,
so that those in charge of the economy
know how to think and choose plans
that do not leave anyone in the margins of the common good.

Our Father…

Practical guide

  • Learn more about countries where there is greater imbalance between rich and poor and find what leads to these situations.
  • Promote, in the community or at home, opportunities to welcome people who are excluded from society for economic reasons (unemployment, situations of vulnerability, poverty, etc.).
  • Personally and communally, take time for prayer, keeping in mind those who make the big decisions around the world, asking God to let his Spirit touch them, so that they may find new ways to build up an economy that is inclusive.

April 2018