April 15, 2017
1697 have prayed


That young people may respond generously to their vocations and seriously consider offering themselves to God in the priesthood or consecrated life.


Lord our God,
what do you need from us
that the Kingdom of your Son may be present in the midst of the world.
We hear today the request of your Son Jesus:
“Ask the lord of the harvest to send workers into his harvest.”
We need Christians committed to the transformation of the world,
moved by the values of the Gospel.
Through their own vocations,
at work,
in marriage,
we are all called to be apostles and proclaimers of the Gospel.
This month,
we pray that our families and communities
be a place for the growth of new vocations,
especially priestly and religious.
May, through our prayer and example,
the young people feel moved to dedicate their life for Jesus,
in the way that God is calling them.

Challenges for the month

  • Pray and participate in prayer initiatives for vocations, in particular during the Week of Prayer for Vocations.
  • Have a moment of reflection and sharing in family and community, to see if our environment and testimony help young people decide to give their life to Christ.
  • As a parish community, have a moment of reflection on the accompaniment of young people on their vocational journey, be it marriage, the priesthood or the consecrated life. What structures exist and how can they be improved?
April 2017