April 15, 2016
3039 have prayed

Universal: Small FarmersThat small farmers may receive a just reward for their precious labor.

Evangelization: African ChristiansThat Christians in Africa may give witness to love and faith in Jesus Christ amid political-religious conflicts.


Father of goodness,
You created this world for your children
who draw their livelihood from the land.
The fruit of each person’s work should be a decent life,
but many are exploited at work,
such as small farmers,
in favor of the economic interests of the powerful.
Touch the hearts of all,
so that justice may be done to reward those who need your support.
I will also pray for Christians in Africa,
especially those living amid conflict,
that they may be strong in love and faith.

Our father; Ave Maria; Glory …

Resolutions for this month:

  • I will seek to purchase products from small farmers to support their work.
  • I will inform others of the injustice caused by those who profit at the expense of others. 
  • I will pray both privately and publicly for the persecuted Christians in Africa.
April 2016