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ago 31 2021

August 31 morning

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With Jesus in the morning

Start this day contemplating the Gospel as if you were one of the disciples. They saw Jesus do increbidle things and still remained amazed. “What is there about his word?” (Lk 4:36). Surely his heart burned as it did later on the road to Emmaus. Can you remember any similar experience from your life? Bringing it to mind, try to live this day with a thankful spirit for all that you have received, uniting that thankfulness to the intention of Pope Francis. Ask that the Church be renewed daily in the experience of Christ’s love to better be available to proclaim the Kingdom.

August 31 morning

August 31 afternoon

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With Jesus during the day

I stop the day for a moment with Jesus. I feel him, and I imagine his face. I ease my mind and my spirit. Luke’s Gospel shows Jesus as famous and well-known thaknks to his teachings and way of speaking: with authority (Lk 4:32). I imagine the Lord’s voice, his tone, his pronunciation, the expression on his lips and eyes. I ask him calmly: What do you want of me today, Lord? He firmly responds to me with love.

August 31 afternoon

August 31 night

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With Jesus in the night

Enter into the calmness of the ending day and lay to rest your heart that is thankful for all the good of today. How did the Father’s hand appear at different times? Through which people or situations? Graciously recall the workings of Divine Providence. Savor this gift for a moment. Did you learn how to see the Lord’s hand in tough times, difficult people, or the things that challenged you? Ask forgiveness and decide on an act of thanksgiving to start the new day tomorrow. Hail Mary…

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