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Jun 25 2021

June 25 morning

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With Jesus in the morning

Another day begins and again I find myself with my fragility. From where I am, happy or desperate, I ask the Lord to continue to heal me – as the leper in today’s Gospel does. I remain silent in my heart, wishing to hear the Lord’s answer in me: “I want to be healed” (Mt 8:3). On this day, I will not aspire to things greater than myself, but as a child on my mother’s lap, I will simply offer my work as a prayer. I offer my day and my works for the Pope’s prayer intention for this month, so that the beauty of marriage can be discovered by young people who are preparing for it. Hail Mary…

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June 25 afternoon

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With Jesus during the day

“I closed my eyes and asked the wind for a favor: take whatever is unnecessary. I am tired of heavy luggage. From now on, only what fits in the bag and in the heart ”(Cora Coralina). When my trust is placed in God, these concerns no longer affect me as much. When I understand that everyone has their own way of living, I am no longer affected as much by people’s attitudes. When I accept the setbacks of life, I seek to discover my faults and correct them, I learn not to fall into the trap of stress and impulsive actions. Smiling more, exercising gratitude, and praying are essential attitudes to living more gently.

June 25 afternoon

June 25 night

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With Jesus in the night

Now that the day is over, I look for a quiet place and thank you calmly for this day. How did I live my family relationships? Did I try to make others feel loved? The Pope says that “in family life we ​​remember that this person who lives with us deserves everything, since they are infinite dignity because they are the object of the Father’s immense love. beloved”. Do I want to ask for forgiveness for something? I ask the Lord for your help so that tomorrow I can love as He loved. Our Father…

June 25 night