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May 30 2020

May 30 morning

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With Jesus in the morning

As a new day begins, Jesus Christ calls you today to collaborate in his mission of compassion for the world. “Lord here I am, make my life a testimony of what you do in me. Make me faithful in my smallness so that when they see me they see you. May your light shine to others through my weaknesses.” What does the Lord work in your heart at this time? Offer your day for the intention of this month. Our Father…

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May 30 afternoon

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With Jesus during the day

The Patroness of the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network tells us, “For me, prayer is an impulse from the heart, a simple glance cast towards the heavens, a cry of gratitude and love” (St. Therese of Lisieux). May your prayer be a joyful shout of thanks and love to the Father for the graces received. Renew your availability to the mission of Christ.

May 30 afternoon

May 30 night

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With Jesus in the night

Find a quiet place. Take a deep breath and close your eyes. Think about the various moments of the day. What did you feel called to do today? What person do you feel you are being called to be? Think about what you could do tomorrow that brings you closer to that call. Hail Mary…

May 30 night