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August 19 2020

August 19 morning

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With Jesus in the morning

I thank God for this day, for all the opportunities that I will have to witness your love. On this day, I ask God to help me give a kind look to everyone who works so that I can have food on my table. In a special way, I offer this day for those who live and work from the sea and their families, thus uniting myself to the intention that Pope Francis entrusts this month to his Worldwide Prayer Network. Glory Be…

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August 19 afternoon

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With Jesus during the day

Each day brings new possibilities for me to live the Gospel, taking on Christ’s attitudes and converting my heart. Lord, help me to be increasingly interested in helping people who suffer, starting with my own family. May I attend to the needs of my neighbor, materially and spiritually. Help me to find your face and your goodness in the small gestures of love and generosity.

adminnewAugust 19 afternoon

August 19 night

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With Jesus in the night

Give thanks to God for some special grace received today. Look at your feelings. Did you feel sadness or loneliness throughout the day? How did you react? Talk to God the Father about these difficult times and give them to him so that he can transform them into something beautiful. Make a resolution for tomorrow and ask God for help to carry it forward. Hail Mary…

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