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August 15 2020

August 15 morning

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With Jesus in the morning

I thank God for this day to celebrate the Assumption of Our Lady and for the example of confidence and dedication of Mary that inspires my life. May I, today, understand what God has in store for me and where my contribution of love is most needed. May faith make me able to respond without resistance. Through Mary’s intercession, I offer this day for the Pope’s intention for this month. Hail Mary…

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August 15 afternoon

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With Jesus during the day

“The assumption of Mary, a human creature, gives us confirmation of our glorious destiny” (Pope Francis). To reflect on Mary is to look forward to our own future glory. She is with Jesus and intercedes for us daily. She sees our needs and presents them to her Son who can perform miracles in our lives and transform any and all situations. I thank the Virgin Mary for being our Mother and protecting us with the same love and zeal with which she took care of Jesus.

adminnewAugust 15 afternoon

August 15 night

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With Jesus in the night

Give thanks to God for what you have experienced, especially when you have felt freedom. Sail in the sea of your heart. Did you experience fear? What ideas came up? How did you react? Ask God to heal any fears with love. Write down a resolution for tomorrow. Hail Mary…

adminnewAugust 15 night