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August 12 2020

August 12 morning

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With Jesus in the morning

I begin this day by raising my thoughts to God. I give thanks for this communion of prayer, uniting myself to others who are praying in a similar way this morning, entrusting their works, joys, sufferings and hopes to the God of goodness. Jesus is among us who wish to collaborate in the building of his Kingdom. In union with the Pope, I offer my day for all those who build the Kingdom by working at sea. Glory Be…

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agosto 12 2020

Agosto 12 mattino

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Con Gesù al mattino

Signore Gesù, grazie per questo nuovo giorno, per il dono della Vita, per i buoni pensieri che mi ispiri, per la Tua Pazienza e Misericordia. Aiutami ad accogliere tutto, e valorizzarlo per la Gloria del Tuo Nome. Mi sento, e sono, così piccolo! Ma, in Te, posso crescere. Meglio: guardando al Battista, diminuendo io, “crescerai” Tu! Ave Maria…

Agosto 12 mattino

August 12 afternoon

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With Jesus during the day

How do I resemble Christ? May I resemble Christ by everything I do today, asking him if my actions are in accord with his will. Through this reflection, I will have the most dignified thoughts, the most uplifting words and the best gestures for myself and for others. Often my actions lead me to sin precisely because of a lack of reflection on whether the Lord would act in my place, if what I am doing is beneficial to others and if I am in communion with God’s teachings.

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