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May 29 2020

May 29 morning

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With Jesus in the morning

Begin the day by pondering this question of Jesus in your heart, as if he said it to you, “Simon son of John, do you love me more than these? Peter answers: Yes, Lord, you know that I love you” (John 21:15-19). Do you love the Lord? The Lord knows our hearts and looks deep inside them. “Lord may the flame of your love move me to be broken bread for my neighbor.” Offer your day for the intention of the month. Our Father…

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May 29 afternoon

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With Jesus during the day

Take a moment of prayer in the middle of the day. “I like to imagine that the personal and community prayer of us Christians is the breath, the heartbeat of the Church, that infuses its strength in the service of those who work, study and teach; that it makes fruitful the knowledge of the educated people and the humility of the simple ones; that gives hope to the tenacity of those who fight against injustice” (Pope Francis). Prayer gives meaning and strength to our mission. What commitment can you make to grow in your prayer life?

May 29 afternoon

May 29 night

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With Jesus in the night

Take some time to be alone with Jesus. Take a deep breath and look within yourself. Have you maintained the joy and peace in your heart? Have you acted charitably with your neighbor? Do you need to apologize to God for something? Stay at peace in this moment and ask God to embrace you with his love. Write down a resolution for tomorrow as you end this day. Hail Mary…

May 29 night