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May 23 2020

May 23 morning

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With Jesus in the morning

“As I begin this day I offer you with joy my life, Lord, receive it and make it fruitful in the service of your compassionate mission, which this month is for deacons throughout the world. You have said that what we ask in your name we will receive. And as if I had already received it, I give thanks for all the good you do in their hearts.” Offer your day for the intention of the month, finding joy in your difficulties. Our Father…

adminnewMay 23 morning

May 23 afternoon

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With Jesus during the day

Pause your day to see how you are living. What is in your heart? Let these words of Pope Francis echo in your heart, “And from contemplation, from a strong relationship of friendship with the Lord, is born in us the ability to live and leads to the love of God, his mercy, his tenderness towards others.” How do prayer and service balance in your life? Renew your resolution of loving and serving others throughout the day.

May 23 afternoon

May 23 night

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With Jesus in the night

I rest in my heart and calm my thoughts. How do I feel? How did I start the day? Have there been any changes in my mood throughout the day? I acknowledge the events that caused these changes. I take note of what I discover. I must remember that in order to grow in the inner life it is necessary to meditate on what I have lived and to discover what that teaches me. I surrender all of my concerns to God. Our Father…

May 23 night