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May 21 2020

May 21 morning

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With Jesus in the morning

Begin the day with a heart available to God and his mission. “For this concrete support to the people, to meet their needs, the apostles choose some ‘deacons’, which means servants” (Pope Francis). Offer the intention of the month by giving your support to those who need you. Our Father…

adminnewMay 21 morning

May 21 afternoon

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With Jesus during the day

Prayer is a gift that the Lord gives us. It is the same Spirit of Jesus who groans within us and wishes to pray. At this time of the afternoon he asks the Father for the gift of prayer to be apostles of prayer and service. Prayer is a gift we receive for free; it is dialogue with him in the Holy Spirit, who prays in us and allows us to address God by calling him Father, Dad, Abba. Renew your daily offering and refresh your day.

May 21 afternoon

May 21 night

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With Jesus in the night

Try to gain distance from today’s rush. Take a deep breath. I am grateful for the memory of the events of today. When did I feel peace? When did I feel sadness or discouragement? Was something planned for tomorrow that I could have done today? I give everything to God. Our Father…

May 21 night