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May 6 2020

May 6 morning

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With Jesus in the morning

Welcome the new day with the purpose of making your words a source of peace, reconciliation and love. You provide a great service to your family and friends when you take care of your words, speaking wisely, and being a testimony of mercy in your speech. Offer the day for the prayer intention of this month. Our Father…

adminnewMay 6 morning

May 6 afternoon

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With Jesus during the day

At this time of day, go within your heart. Have you had the Lord in your heart today? Have you shown the love of the Lord with your actions? Remember that to pray is to love. Your entire day can be a pleasant prayer to the Lord. “Prayer does not consist in thinking a lot, but in loving a lot,” St. Teresa of Avila tells us. Love defines everything, transforms everything. During this second half of the day put love in everything you undertake and offer it for the intention of the month.

May 6 afternoon

May 6 night

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With Jesus in the night

I pause at the end of the day. I am grateful for the people, the places, and the moments of today. How were the encounters with my neighbor? Do I remember one that caused me unrest or annoyance? Do I feel a grudge or an inability to forgive? I look inside my heart and set it free from what is harmful. I take note of what I discover and give it to God. Our Father…

May 6 night