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February 19 2020

February 19 morning

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With Jesus in the morning

Thank you, Lord, for this new day, I want to be an apostle in your mission of compassion. Please heal me from my own blindness. “The Church needs to know how to take the initiative without fear, to go out and find the distant ones and invite the excluded” (Pope Francis). Smiling and saying “thank you” are small gestures that can bring joy and encourage others. Try to smile and be polite to others today! Our Father…

adminnewFebruary 19 morning

February 19 afternoon

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With Jesus during the day

Pause in the middle of your day to pray. Discover the presence of the Lord in your surroundings. How have your interactions been with others? How much love have you put into your work? Remember to renew your commitment to God throughout the day and say to the Lord, “Here I am, Lord, bring me closer to the Heart of Jesus.” Work does not hinder prayer, nor does prayer hinder work. Remember to pray for the migrant and refugee brothers and sisters so that their cry for help is welcomed and considered by others.

adminnewFebruary 19 afternoon

February 19 night

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With Jesus in the night

Quiet your heart at the end of the day. Give thanks to God for everything that has happened since the morning. What situations was a problem for you today? Become aware of your mood in each of these situations. Do you sow hope or get discouraged and spread discouragement in others? It is also up to you to build a hopeful and open world to others. How could you build hope tomorrow? Think about a resolution that will help you grow in God’s love. Hail Mary…

adminnewFebruary 19 night