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February 15 2020

February 15 morning

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With Jesus in the morning

Begin a new day ready to part with any fears that prevent you from approaching your neighbor. “It’s not just about migrants, it’s also about our fears” (Pope Francis). May love and compassion be the engine that moves our actions. Be kind and take time to listen to whomever approaches you. Offer your day for the intention of Pope Francis for this month. Our Father…

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February 15 afternoon

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With Jesus during the day

In the sixth step of The Way of the Heart, we meditate that the closer one is to the Heart of Jesus, the more he perceives his joys and sufferings for the men, women and children of this world. Give yourself time today to enter into intimacy with the Lord, sensing his presence in your day. “No one can know Jesus Christ entirely if he does not enter his Heart, that is, in the deepest intimacy of his divine and human Person” (Saint John Paul II). Renew your daily offering to God.

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February 15 night

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With Jesus in the night

Review your week and see how God was with you. Give thanks to God for what you received, as well as your health, and ability to work. Did you act with an inner freedom? Think about something, a weaknesses of character, person or situation that has taken away your inner freedom. Are you open to receiving the grace from God you need to grow in freedom? Make a resolution to live with joy and freedom of heart. Hail Mary…

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