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February 11 2020

February 11 morning

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With Jesus in the morning

Give thanks to God for the new day and live it with generosity and dedication. “The earth will have an even more beautiful face if it manages to be a little richer in humanity, hospitable, and welcoming; if all of us are attentive and generous towards those in difficulty; if we know how to collaborate with a constructive and supportive spirit, for the good of all” (Pope Francis). Offer your day for the intention of the Pope: “Listen to the Migrant’s Cries.” May your prejudices not kill the love you can give other people. Our Father…

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February 11 afternoon

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With Jesus during the day

At this time of day, put your eyes close to the Heart of Our Lady of Lourdes, who tells us “I am the Immaculate Conception.” Ask her to put you close to the Heart of Jesus, to look at the world with compassion and remain committed to the mission of his Son. Do you pray to your Mother Mary every day? Repeat at the rhythm of your breathing: “Mother, put me close to your Son”, while you continue to put into practice the resolutions of the day.

adminnewFebruary 11 afternoon

February 11 night

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With Jesus in the night

Take a deep breath and close your eyes. Look at the day, acknowledge any special graces you received and give thanks to God for them. Search your heart for those feelings of fear, distrust and anger that surrounded you today. What caused these feelings? What message did they leave within you? Offer the experience to God and ask him to embrace you in his love. Write down a resolution for tomorrow. Hail Mary…

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