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February 10 2020

February 10 morning

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With Jesus in the morning

Give thanks for a new day and offer your life to the Lord with generosity. Pray: “Here I am Lord, I want to be where you are, I want to go where you take me.” Pope Francis tells us that “loving one’s neighbor as oneself means…feeling compassion for the suffering of brothers and sisters…approaching them, touching their wounds, sharing their stories.” Embrace your neighbor in his pain and welcome them with compassion as Jesus. Act like Christ today, with a smile, a kind word, or even a hug. Our Father…

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February 10 afternoon

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With Jesus during the day

In order for us to imitate Christ, we must let him dwell within us. Take a moment to meditate on the sixth step of The Way of the Heart. We should dwell on his Word to know him with all our heart, to enter into his love and recognize his voice in the midst of so many noises that invade us. How much time do I spend each day in prayer, to be with him and meditate on his Word? Being with the Lord transforms our gestures and our actions. Repeat in your heart: “Lord help me to remain in your love.”

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February 10 night

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With Jesus in the night

Give thanks to God for the day. Be aware of how you started and how you are finishing the day. Have you lived in an attitude of offering and availability to God the Father? What have you done to respond to the intention that Pope Francis entrusts us to the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network? Do you offer your life and your activities to the Lord? Review your way of living on the Internet and point out a way to grow in availability to the mission of Jesus. Hail Mary…

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