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February 9 2020

February 9 morning

2937 have prayed

With Jesus in the morning

Each day you have the opportunity to discover the Lord in every event. Open your heart and offer your life to God. Wake up the senses of your heart. Sharpen your ears to listen and open your eyes to discover others in Christ. Savor every moment you live. “The world today is increasingly elitist and cruel to the excluded” (Pope Francis). May your gestures illuminate the lives of those in need near you. Listen and welcome others and do not be indifferent to their pain. Our Father…

adminnewFebruary 9 morning

February 9 afternoon

1778 have prayed

With Jesus during the day

Take a break in your day to recognize how you are living today. The Way of the Heart invites you to enter into the dynamism of the Heart of Jesus to look at the world with his eyes and commit to his mission. Have you listened to those around you? Have you given time to those who needed you? Repeat to the rhythm of your breathing: “Lord, may I not be indifferent to the needs of my neigh bor. Help me to be a light and not a shadow in the lives of others.”

adminnewFebruary 9 afternoon

February 9 night

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With Jesus in the night

Find peace in your heart and think about how you lived today. Give thanks to God for the love given and received. Were you hopeful and in a good mood? What feelings did you experience? Give thanks to God for the many blessings in your life. Take a moment to cultivate a positive mood that will carry on into tomorrow. Hail Mary…

adminnewFebruary 9 night