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February 2 2020

February 2 morning

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With Jesus in the morning

As you wake up to a new day, offer your life to God with a grateful heart. In particular, offer your day for those who work for migrants and refugees, helping to bring them new hope. The Pope invites us to “show a loving concern for the less favored.” Listen to the pain of those who are suffering and may the salvation of the Lord come through your hands and your gestures to those most in need. Our Father…

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February 2 afternoon

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With Jesus during the day

Take a moment away from your daily activities and raise your eyes to God who looks at you and is with you. Remember to let the light of the Lord pass through you. May your gestures be those of Christ. Become an active collaborator in his mission of compassion, especially to your migrant neighbor. Make a space in your day to reflect the Light of Christ in you and to pray, “Jesus, may your Light shine on me and through me.”

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February 2 night

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With Jesus in the night

Review your week and see how God was with you. Give thanks to God for what you received, as well as your health, and ability to work. Did you act with an inner freedom? Think about something, a weaknesses of character, person or situation that has taken away your inner freedom. Are you open to receiving the grace from God you need to grow in freedom? Make a resolution to live with joy and freedom of heart. Hail Mary…

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