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January 9 2020

January 9 morning

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With Jesus in the morning

Offer this new day to Jesus, pledging to work with him in his mission of compassion. Tell him that you want to be and work with him. Walk with Jesus and open your eyes to see him in all that you do. He is present in those you meet, those who need you, and in those who offer their help. Let yourself be guided by the Spirit and respond to the call of God in your life. Pray in a special way for the Pope’s intentions for this month. Our Father…

adminnewJanuary 9 morning

January 9 afternoon

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With Jesus during the day

“Compassion brings you closer to the one who suffers”(Pope Francis). Who are the most forgotten and neglected in your community? Who needs your compassion and your closeness? In this second half of the day, approach someone who is in need and suffers.

adminnewJanuary 9 afternoon

January 9 night

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With Jesus in the night

Give thanks to God for the day. Be aware of how you started and how you are finishing the day. Have you lived in an attitude of offering and availability to God the Father? What have you done to respond to the intention that Pope Francis entrusts us to the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network? Do you offer your life and your activities to the Lord? Review your way of living on the Internet and point out a way to grow in availability to the mission of Jesus. Hail Mary…

adminnewJanuary 9 night