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January 5 2020

January 5 morning

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With Jesus in the morning

Give thanks to God as you begin this new day. Offer your life to collaborate in the mission of Jesus especially for peace in the world. God counts on you. “We are called to follow the example of the Magi: be attentive in the search and be willing to take the trouble to find Jesus in our lives” (Pope Francis). Jesus is the one who offers you the true path and speaks to you in the circumstances of your life and in the silence of your heart. Find his voice and listen to the message he has for you. Our Father…

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January 5 afternoon

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With Jesus during the day

Love manifests itself in the care we give to people and all creation. Jesus invites you to perform specific acts of charity for your neighbor. Do you take care of those around you? Do you protect community life and the people who live around you? What gestures could you make to help care for the environment in which you live?

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January 5 night

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With Jesus in the night

The Lord invites you to discover his presence in your life. Take a few moments to review your week and collect the most significant experiences. What memories come to you? What feelings do you have? Write down the most significant memories. What can you learn from them? Speak with God about what you have experienced and ask for his help to start a new week. Hail Mary…

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