March 1, 2019
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That Christian communities, especially those who are persecuted, feel that they are close to Christ and have their rights respected.


God of Kindness,
your son Jesus suffered misunderstandings and violence
to show the world the truth of the Gospel,
a truth that irritates the powerful of this world.
Many Christians and communities of disciples
remain as a sign of contradiction and are therefore persecuted.
Give us the grace to unite ourselves
to our brothers and sisters who are persecuted
around the world.
May our prayer be a consolation in their difficulties.
Give us the grace to announce without fear
Jesus’ way of living and loving.
Our Father…


Offering Prayer


Father of Goodness, I know you’re with me.
Here I am at the beginning of this new day.
I put my heart once more
next to the Heart of your Son Jesus,
that is given for me and that comes to me in the Eucharist.
May your Holy Spirit
make me your friend and apostle, available to your mission.
I put in your hands
my joys and hopes,
my works and sufferings,
everything that I am and have,
in communion with my brothers and sisters of this Worldwide Prayer Network.

Proposals for the month

  • Take on the mission this month of making known, through your social networks, situations of religious persecution in the world, especially of Christians.
  • Support institutions that help persecuted Christians and collaborate with initiatives to welcome these people.
  • Promote in your community a moment of prayer for persecuted Christian communities and reflect together on the current conditions that oppose living out human and Christian values.
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