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February 6 2019

February 6 morning

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With Jesus in the morning

Heavenly Father, I pause for a few moments to consider your presence at the beginning of this day. I offer this day, all its joys and sufferings, for the intention of the Holy Father for this month, for a generous welcome of the victims of human trafficking, of enforced prostitution, and of violence. Hail Mary.

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February 6 afternoon

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With Jesus during the day

“All of us are called to commit ourselves to protecting minors in the digital world.” (Pope Francis) Lord, help me to do what I can in protecting the innocence of children everywhere.

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February 6 night

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With Jesus in the night

Here I am, Lord, in your presence, with a grateful heart at the end of this day. Forgive me if I have not always been attentive to your presence and grant that I may be more sensitive and available to those I will encounter tomorrow. May I help others to feel welcomed and valued with the dignity they deserve. Hail Mary.

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