2018/02/28 18:05:45
56 have prayed


Sometimes I think there is no progress and no hope. I will always be treated with disrespect by a person I care very much about.But you made me strong andi can handle that. The only thing I cannot deal with is that I am very much concerned about this person. I am scared to death that this person might not succeed or worse.oh God what to do? Amen

Cindy Díaz May God lead your way and help you, and comfort you, and grant de answers you need.
AP Praying for you Maggms and your loved one. I pray that God will give you both strength to heal your relationship. Amen.
Patricia K. I'm praying for you! The Lord is always with us in our darkest times and when we are weak he provides us with strength. May the Lord Jesus provide that light and may the Spirit that emanates from the Father and the Son the wisdom and counsel needed for you both. God bless!

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