August 15, 2017
3094 have prayed


That artists of our time, through their ingenuity, may help everyone discover the beauty of creation.


God our Father,
your creation reflects goodness,
and the balance and the harmony that you wish for all your children.
You have also set in our hearts the desire to encounter and discover that beauty.
In creating the human race,
you made us co-creators,
and it is in the art that the human being approaches you,
in the creation of works of beauty that tell us of the supreme Beauty that you are.
This month,
we pray for all the artists,
so that their works may lead all men and women
to experience beauty,
as a place of life and relationship.
May your work help all to respect the work of creation more
and to make their lives places of beauty.

Challenges for the month:

  • This month, seek to visit exhibitions and art galleries, to recognize the human genius in creating beauty.
  • Pray for the artists, for their lives and concerns.
  • In the community itself, see how you can carry out some initiative to showcase the work of local artists and help people reflect on beauty.

August 2017